The Father.

(A subject of reverie I've been meaning to touch upon for some time now.)

"The dream images representing the father are many: god; bull; giant; tyrant; executioner; devil; pan; older man; male leader figure; older male rival; holy man or priest; dominating boss; wizard; wise old man; the sun– and of course, your father.

The father archetype is partly about how we feel about being capable, productive, and creative in the outer world. It is about protectiveness and strength, about know-how and knowledge of the world.  It may show how we deal with authority or those we see as having power.

In a personal sense, it echoes what sense you have of being supported or undermined by your background of life experience and parents. So although it involves your parents, it is much wider than that. For instance it also includes how you relate to your own life process.  Do you feel secure that life upholds you and supports, or do you feel life is constantly a chaotic and meaningless accident within which you can easily get fatally ill or killed?  Does life uphold or seek to destroy you?  Or is life completely impersonal and uncaring?"

For a woman dreamer, your connection with the father image (your initial experiences or memories involving an older male influence) is of utmost importance in the way you relate in relationships; and also the manner in which you cope to the world outside the life of the home.  The negative father image involves domination, abuse of power and authority, or neglect of the child's needs.  Conflict of this type can lead to feelings of not being loved or capable of love.  

These dreamful intimacies represent the childhood desire to possess, own, or be loved by father.  It might also demonstrate gaining power over a father figure-- someone you may have needed support or love from and never receiving it.  As a child, one feels they might do anything to gain this love-- and so these feelings you have burdened all your life bleed through to the subconscious.  

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