Ivy, ma chérie (You are a garden walking).

Intuits about plants suggest areas of progressive change in ones life, emerging personal qualities; any hidden growth that is manifesting beyond what we are able to perceive.  Many people go through the different stages of plant life in their dreams, some experience the whole cycle of the plant’s life; some find they grew to a certain place and stopped.

A plant cutting that you are going to plant may link with good and growing parts of yourself that you are looking for a life situation to ‘plant’ or experience them in.  It may thus depict a search for a caring and ‘fertile’ relationship.

Plant substance is very important in human life.  In medicine it is of utmost importance.  In a real sense, human life processes transforms plant substance into self awareness, and all the expressions of consciousness shine out.  In some dreams this transformation of earthy non-living substance into living sentience is shown by plants in our dreams. 


"Dreaming of plants can show the deeply unconscious physiological process, such as cell generation and digestion.  Problems which cannot move more fully into consciousness and so are held at this level and so become psychosomatic pains or illness. This becomes clearer if we consider human life in relationship with other life forms.  A plant for instance might have some sort of bacterial illness, but would not be able to bring that to awareness.  In a sense many things which occur to us, although they are very real and definite, never become a part of our conscious life, but always remain in the ‘plant’ level.  If they are to move from ‘deeply unconscious physiological process’ to becoming known consciously, there are stages such events go through – for example exploring the dream.

Like a plant which takes the varied minerals surrounding it, and through its living process transforms them into its own integrated being.  The plant does not become the mineral.  Neither is it shaped by the forms of what it takes up.  It is influenced, it is colored, but its process transforms.  The healthy human being can do likewise.  A major part of unconscious mental process is to do with taking experience and integrating it into a meaningful whole.  If we could trace how the development of such mental activity arose, we might find that it is a reappearance at another level of the process of digestion and absorption.  But events need to be experienced to become integrated.  We are an enormously sensitive and responsive living process.  Our whole being can respond to what we experience or learn– words too have tremendous power within us.  Often, however, we have unconsciously deadened our emotions and sensitivities, and we do not therefore properly ‘take in’ what we have experienced.  The cosmic figure of ancient China’s Pan Ku-shown covered in leaves to indicate, ‘That Cosmic Man (or First Man) simply existed, like a plant, grown in nature."


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