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This is the strangest life I've ever known.



2016/08/14, 11:56 a.m. 

There will forever be a place in my heart 
for everyone I've ever loved, 
even if that means 
I would go out of my way 
to avoid them.  



birds in flight // blue skies

Dreaming of a flight of birds sometimes demonstrates you feeling a deeply intuitive sense of connection with many others, all being moved by life through you.  Flying indicates you are current rising above something; escape from a feeling of entrapment; or leaving behind something you fear.  Independence, freedom, self-expression.  Also one's thoughts or love winging its way to someone or something.  Seabirds suggest you are practicing some form of self-examination or introspection.

Blue skies represent your mind and the underlying consciousness that can arise from it.  

"In some dreams, beings come from the sky and influence us or offer us something.  This may depict the subtle but powerful influences that are eternally at play in our lives.  For instance, our ancestors influence us unconsciously through the genes that are passed down on to us, but also in other ways such as behavioral traits inherited through the generations, and also in our actual physical surroundings."

excerpt via 'dreams, the inner life, and human mystery'


her name

in a language of flowers.


Sleep is my lover now.

"Sleep is my lover now,

my forgetting,

my opiate,

my oblivion."

- Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife


i am homesick

for a place i am not sure even exists. one where my heart is full. my body loved. and my soul understood.



dreaming of lullabies long passed.

(photo via)


does the poem have guts ?

Does the poem have guts?  Is imagery used as a vital way to intensify the poem, and not as mere decoration?  Does the poem get to its content with heart and an acute eye?  Does the poem work, in its breathing, its life-span?  Does the poem get to life-experience, in all its ambiguity or lyricism or terror or love?


Anne Sexton, from a poetry workshop session, quoted by one of her students, featured in “The Death Notebooks



2016/08/04, 1:59 p.m.

despite the possibility that; no matter whether. 


i breathe you in

and my whole body lightens.

the sky and i are in open conversation.



Enter, another world.


( breather's life )

was that a dream of you,
my love ?

Jupiter and Io (detail), by Correggio





. )

(Staircases and seashells)

The shape of healing is a spiral; 
not a straight line.


I love you, and I love that dark bird you hold in your arms.

Hamlet with a cormorant under his arm married Ophelia.  She was still wet from drowning.  She looked like a white flower that had been left in the rain too long. "I love you," said Ophelia, "and I love that dark bird you hold in your arms."

excerpt from richard brautigan's trout fishing in america // capture btborchard // wardrobe instituteliberal



butterflies and zebras and moonbeams and fairytales
(that's all she ever thinks about).


(Full Wort Moon July 19-20th... Allow your metamorphosis.)

"Full Buck Moon in Capricorn during the evening of July 19 to the early morning of July 20 teaches us to persevere, release our fears, and ground ourselves into the fertile Earth that holds us."  

The electricity in the air has been tumultuous as of the last few moons... On the contrary, this moon asks us to hold on, to let go, and to harmonize our energy with that of the earth, allowing the stabilizing forces to take hold and mould us into what we were always destined to become.  Sit back, relax, and allow your metamorphosis to take place.  



Ships would know the difference // Into a world of ghosts

"Ships would know the difference and so would the hazy veil of sleep.


And so would rosewood lips;

and soft openings that collapse and shiver upon caress...


The sensation of falling;

of drowning;

the violent grey in your eyes."


--excerpt from 'Into a world of ghosts you are bringing one more'  // capture btborchard // wardrobe instituteliberal


"silver screen dream"

You may experience black and white dreams when your inner awareness needs you to recognize the facts about a situation, sans superfluous information.  Black and white signifies opposites appearing together, the positive and negative in coexistence, with one balancing the other perfectly.  Silver divines good fortune or wisdom.

Black-- The color of the night, what we cannot see, or what is hidden from us.  The mysterious subconscious.    
White-- Bringing into the light, awareness with a clearness of mind.  Purity, cleanness, lightness. 
Shining white or silver-- Precious memories or intuitions.  The emergence of powerful life energy in pure form.  New insights amounting to enlightenment, the realization of an infinitely larger understanding.  


h a p p y

don't bother / 
at least for a little while / 
create / 
little flower



Ephemerality (from Greek εφήμερος – ephemeros, literally "lasting only one day") is the concept of things being transitory, existing only briefly. Typically the term ephemeral is used to describe objects found in nature, although it can describe a wide range of things, including human artifacts intentionally made to last for only a temporary period, in order to increase their perceived aesthetic value. With respect to unique performances, for example, it has been noted that "ephemerality is a quality caused by the ebb and flow of the crowd's concentration on the performance and a reflection of the nostalgic character of specific performances". Because different people may value the passage of time differently, "the concept of ephemerality is a relative one".



s h e

"She walked out with empty arms, machine gun in her hand.  She is good and she is bad, no one understands.  She walked in, in silence.  Never spoke a word.  She's got a rich daddy, she's her daddy's girl."
--The Misfits, She



At this moment,

you may be seeing glimmers of your dreams
coming true.  


( i can feel the heat of your body )

Salome by Jean Benner, 1899



I have fought against it, but I cannot any longer."

—Virginia Woolf


'Summer Solstice Brings a Once-in-a-Generation 'Strawberry Moon''

"The summer solstice, the official start of summer, is the longest day of the year, and this year it is accompanied by a fairly rare event: it coincides with a so-called "strawberry moon," the folkloric name given to June's full moon.


What does tonight's moon have to do with fruit?  It's not because the moon will look reddish, as many people think.  Rather, according to "The Old Farmer's Almanac," the strawberry moon was given that name by the Algonquin tribes because it occurs right at the height of the season when strawberries are harvested.  Other names for this month's full moon are the "hot moon" and the "rose moon."


Starwatchers will have the first chance to see a full moon on the summer solstice in nearly fifty years.  The last time these two phenomena occurred together was at the beginning of 1967's Summer of Love, and it won't happen again until 2062."



"Sometimes you have to lie.  But to yourself you must always tell the truth."
- Louise Fitzhugh


June 20, 2016: Rose Moon in Full Bloom

"It does not matter if you are a rose or a lotus or a marigold.  What matters is that you are flowering."

Full Rose Moon in Sagittarius during the early morning of June 20, 2016 synchronizes with the summer solstice, an event that hasn't occurred in over 70 years.  The summer solstice is the day of the year that brings the most sunlight, with the sun reaching its highest point in the sky.

The Rose Moon (also known as the Strawberry Moon or Honey Moon) received its name from Native American Algonquin tribes, who upon sight knew it to be the signal to gather the ripe summer fruits and flowers.  This is the moon of full blooms, for which you should also be in blossom.  

The warm summer moon will surely shine some light, love, and insight upon you this June as you embark on new paths.  Beginning a new chapter may be unnerving as you are not certain where you will be led, or where your heart will ultimately take you.  This month you should remind yourself that the power you hold within you is enough, and not to doubt or question your truest feelings.  There is a reason why you find yourself at this current crossroads.  You must implement all the knowledge and experience you have collected thus far to move forward fearlessly and become what you were always meant to be.    

Your guardians will bring you new opportunities to use and expand your power in ways that will bring many blessings to you and the world around you.  Keep your self-esteem high and unwavering.  Take care of your physical and spiritual body, working on your dreams and aspirations every step of the way.  Never lose sight of them; remind yourself that your dreams are what kept you going all along.  Tell yourself it is safe for you to be powerful and believe this with all your heart.  

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