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'Full Moon February 22: Productivity is the Key to Your Heart's Desires'

The full moon on the axis of Virgo and Pieces during the evening of February 22 illuminates the night sky and encourages us to focus on living in the present moment, letting go of all that is preventing us from moving forward.  Recognize that the things viewed as obstacles in your life are actually excellent catalysts for you to make constructive changes this coming moon and beyond.  Focus on what your desires are and what precisely you need to do to bring them to fruition.  This is an excellent time to set and keep the focus on your goals as you shape your ideals in a positive light.  You know precisely the type of life you are meant to live-- don't settle for anything less than your passion.  


'with a Star in my moon-catching net'

'But if the moon's still shining there,
look close underneath and you'll get,
a clear look at me in the sky swinging free...
With a star in my moon-catching net'

--Shel Silverstein, Moon-Catching Net



I'm Waterproof;

'So what if it drizzles and dribbles and drips?
I'll splash in the garden, I'll dance on the roof.
Let it rain on my skin, it can't get in-- I'm waterproof'

--Shel Silverstein, Dancing in the Rain



"Maybe she is right side up, and I am upside down."

'Each time I see the upside down girl standing in the water, I look at her and start to laugh, although I shouldn't oughter... For maybe in another world, another time, another town... Maybe she is right side up, and I am upside down'
--Shel Silverstein, Reflection




she's mad but she's magick

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"'Don't wait for it,' I said. 'Create a world, your world.  Alone.  Stand alone.  Create.  And then the love will come to you, then it comes to you.  It was only when I wrote my first book that the world I wanted to live in opened up to me."
--Anaïs Nin, 1933


"The ‘unsayable’ thing at the center of the poem becomes visible to the poet and reader in the same way that dark matter becomes visible to the astrophysicist. You can’t see it, but by measure of its effect on the visible, it can become so precise a silhouette you can almost know it."

--Rebecca Lindenberg, interview for McSweeney's Books



"A poem needs understanding through the senses.  The point of diving into a lake is not immediately to swim to the shore but to be in the lake, to luxuriate in the sensation of water.  You do not work the lake out, it is an experience beyond thought.  

Poetry soothes and emboldens the soul to accept the mystery."

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Happy Valentine.

Happy day.  I've always loved this day.  This is my favorite holiday after Halloween, and I feel that its meaning becomes lost, and distorted with unnecessary expectations and pressures, but in truth, the meaning of today is simple.  For me, Valentine's Day is remembering the love that has nurtured you, that has carried you through the difficult times, the love that has made you who you are today.  The love that sustains you now, and all that you will become tomorrow.  For me, it's taking a moment to stand in awe and gratitude of those certainties.  Not a measure of how much you love, but how much you are loved by others.  And all that love can do for us, if we let it.  Happy Valentine's Day.  

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I didn't
recognize the girl
in the picture.


la nouvelle lune;

The moon also, is merciless: she would drag me
Cruelly, being barren
Her radiance scathes me.  Or perhaps I 
have caught her.

--Sylvia Plath, Elm
featuring 'The New Moon' by Albert Aublet

'Fritz Zuber-Buhler is one of those itinerant dancing girls common in portions of Southern Europe still, who reclines by the roadside in the forest to doze and dream away the summer noonday.  Jules Lefebvre represents in "Salome," the daughter of Herodias, an essentially Semitic type of the antique period, with the sensuous and soulless beauty of the tigress rather than the woman, bearing the charger which is to receive the head of John the Baptist, and the sword which is to decapitate him, as indifferently as if it were a piece of fruit.'

(The new moon graced our early morning sky at 6:38 a.m. here in the LA area...
For the rest of us sleepy darlings, we can look forward to enjoying a starry moonless night...)



I cannot get out,"
said the starling.

'Inescapable' by Andrew P Gibson
with Miss Leanna Banana



What use are words when you are poetry incarnate



"There were two of them, 
blissfully unaware of the other
watching the waves like
the earth was crumbling around them
but leaving them unscathed.
Specters of indifference"

'My love for you is so
that after our death
a flower will bloom 

from the empty space
our bodies'




"You are becoming aware of your secrets through hidden talents.  
An unknown aspect of yourself will be revealed to you in time.  
Something beyond your expectations;
a mysterious gift you hadn't anticipated at all."


Field of dream;

a window to a memory I've all but completely forgotten about.  "An example of the power of growth, which has the ability to happen anywhere."


And when the sun rises again, it lets me know that all is right with the world"

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This universe that is so vast and incomparable is benevolent in ways that I cannot comprehend"

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“If you know the orishas, you know everything.  The earth teaches you everything, but you must pay your respects to her always, so she will give you all her secrets.  And always remember, the secrets of the earth are the secrets of the orishas.”
-- Migene González-Wippler

January 23, 2016: Royal Moon

Full Moon during the evening of January 23 will illuminate the night sky with a spectacular celestial show in which five of our planets will align... An event that hasn't occurred in over ten years.  Tonight Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will line up along with the Full Moon for a beautiful planetary parade that will continue until the first week in February.  


January's Wolf Moon in Leo reminds us to crown ourselves with our truth, and be fearless when doing so.  Deep down, you know the life you are meant to live.  Take the reigns and feel the power within you.  Open your heart and feel your dreams manifested as if they are happening right now.  Intuitions are becoming stronger and more vibrant... Celebrate the new year royally, and you will bring abundance to you.  




I love you, I love you

" It
of "

Current work in progress with BT Borchard


' Long before we met,

we shared the same dreams.



" As in sea, the inner energies, rising within.  A seal is a trust, a security or promise, a sign of integrity, which we can abuse or use as a power.  It depicts the emergence into your conscious life of your deepest instincts and life energies – the Kundalini.  As the seal can emerge from the water entirely and live on land, the seal is sometimes used to represent the emergence from the womb and the pleasures or difficulties of life as a ‘land animal’ physically independent of our mother. "




ice cream,  kisses,  the way he puts  his hands on me,  the sound of the sea



"Rose garden in my tea."


My dreams came to me
in the form of water



'The Evening Gown' by Rene Magritte, 1954


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